The cult 1997 comedy Good Burger starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell is finally getting a sequel, 26 years on from the release of the original film, and it sounds as though further follow-ups could also be in the works.


Speaking to, Good Burger 2 director Phil Traill hinted that there are "plans afoot" for not just a Good Burger 3 but potentially more entries in the franchise.

The first movie saw Kenan and Kel play Dexter and Ed, teens working at the Good Burger fast food restaurant, with the pair reprising their roles for the new sequel.

"The character of Ed has not changed," Traill said of Mitchell's character. "He now has a family, he's got a bunch of kids and a wife, but he himself is still the same old Ed.

"As that doesn't change, we can just do it again and again and put them in crazier and crazier situations. There's plans afoot for various different things.

"I don't think it has to be limited to a trilogy, it can go on."

Good Burger 2 will feature a number of returning cast members from the first film – including Josh Server (Fizz), Lori Beth Denberg (Connie Muldoon), and Carmen Electra (Roxanne) – alongside Mitchell and Thompson, with Traill teasing that more classic characters could appear in a threequel.

"We had lots of people who wanted to be in the movie and lots didn't work out because of dates," he explained. "So hopefully they can come back in Good Burger 3."

Traill was born in the US but is British and lived and worked in the UK in the 1990s – he explained that while he watched and "loved" the original Good Burger on original release, he wasn't aware "of how insanely popular it was in America."

"As we were making it, more and more people came to line the streets to watch us filming. Kenan and Kel drove the Burgermobile around town and everywhere they went, we stopped traffic, [people were] screaming in the streets, there were news reports every day from the set... it was like, 'Oh wow, this is really something!'.

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"It slowly dawned on me how many people are looking forward to watching the sequel – it's been 25 years that they've been waiting for it."

Kel and Kenan in Good Burger 2
Kenan and Kel in Good Burger 2 Paramount/Sarah Coulter

In particular, fans have a "warm response" to seeing '90s icons Kenan and Kel back together after collaborating on not just the first Good Burger but also the Nickelodeon series All That and Kenan & Kel – Traill recalled how his original interview for the Good Burger 2 directing job ended up hijacked by enthusiastic fans.

"When I first interviewed for the job, it was on a Zoom – Kel was in his house and Kenan was walking around the streets of Manhattan...

"I was trying to tell them why I thought I was the right man for the job and people were stopping Kenan in the street – he waved them over and showed them that Kel was on the phone...

"When they saw Kenan in real life and Kel on Kenan's phone, they lost their minds. I was supposed to be interviewing and I was just watching this, going, 'This is incredible'."

For longtime fans, Good Burger 2 will offer plenty of nods to the first film, though Trail promises that newcomers will also find plenty to enjoy.

"There's tons of Easter eggs scattered throughout – I'd be shocked if people noticed all of them. Some we put in for, like, a frame or two. So there's lots for that for returning fans – but it's also a storyline that you don't need to have seen the original."

Good Burger 2 premieres 23rd November exclusively on Paramount+ in the UK & Ireland. Sign up to Paramount+ for £6.99 a month – join now and get 7 days free.

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