Ginger David Tennant channels the Weasleys, arrives at Harry Potter party in knitted Christmas jumper

No, it's not a Harry Potter fancy dress costume: Doctor Who's David Tennant is actually just morphing into Ron Weasley

David Tennant at Hogwarts featured

David Tennant? More like David Weasley! (Sorry.) The Doctor Who star turned up at a Harry Potter party looking like he’d fit in with Hogwarts’ famous red-headed family, and he even wore a Christmas jumper that could easily have been the work of enthusiastic knitter Mrs Weasley.


Tennant, who played Barty Crouch Jr in the films and is currently filming Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, recently sent the internet into meltdown by dyeing his hair ginger. But now he seems to have completely embraced the look, going full-on Weasley as he arrived at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for their VIP launch event Hogwarts In The Snow.

The only disappointment is that he didn’t wear a red jumper with the initial “D” on the front, but that can’t be helped. Instead he opted to wear this multicoloured knit covered in reindeer and snowflakes – and we can’t decide if it’s fashion genius or actually a bit of an eyesore.

David Tennant at Hogwarts 2

Looking at Tennant enjoying his time at Hogwarts, we can’t help dreaming of a Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover. Now that would be the perfect Christmas gift…