George Weasley went to the Rugby World Cup and made a Quidditch joke

Actor Oliver Phelps had a Harry Potter moment at Ireland v Argentina over the weekend

We’re used to Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis providing Harry Potter-themed banter on social media. Along with JK Rowling, the actors – who played Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom – have locked down the market for wizard-themed quips. So imagine our surprise when Oliver Phelps – aka George Weasley – showed he too can conjure a wizarding joke.


Phelps, who starred with his brother James as the Weasley twins, was one of 75,000 fans packed into Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium to watch Ireland take on Argentina in the Rugby World Cup semi-finals.

Despite being surrounded by muggles and watching players on the ground instead of on broomsticks, he couldn’t help be reminded of the Quidditch World Cup.

No, we’re not talking Death Marks in the sky and Veela seducing the crowds. More like thousands of Irish spectators following a humiliating early exit for England that echoed the home nation’s crushing defeat to Translyvania in the 1994 contest – a similarity that didn’t go unnoticed on Phelps’ Instagram.


All that’s missing is Ludo Bagman’s commentary, a pint of butterbeer, a golden snitch – and a win for the Irish.