Frozen creators on Broadway musical: “We’ll get busy in late Spring”

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee talk the progress of their Bafta-winning animation's transfer to the New York stage

Fans of Disney’s hit festive feature Frozen were delighted to learn recently that the film is set to get a Broadway musical makeover.


And they’ll be even more excited to hear that the stage version of the Bafta-winning big-screen animated adventure, based loosely on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, is set to become a reality later this year.

Speaking at tonight’s Bafta ceremony in central London the makers of the musical Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee said: “We’re in very early stages. We’ll get busy at some time in the late spring.”

With a cast of Broadway veterans such as Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad providing the voices for the original animation, the film had already seemed destined for the stage – and it seems fans might not have to wait that long to see it there.

Frozen tells the story of Anna, a feisty princess who sets off on a journey to find her sister Elsa, who has accidently plunged their kingdom into a permanent winter.

Frozen won the Bafta for best animated film at tonight’s awards ceremony.