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Frozen 2 animation supervisor "would love" to revisit characters for another sequel

Wayne Unten told he'd love to "dive back into" the world of Frozen, if the opportunity arose.

Frozen 2 - Elsa, Anna and Kristoff
Published: Wednesday, 24th June 2020 at 1:30 pm

With Frozen 2's release on Disney Plus just around the corner, along with the new behind-the-scenes documentary series Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2, the Frozen fandom has much to be excited about this summer.


Following the release of the sequel in November last year, fans' thoughts predictably turned once again to whether or not it would be the final big screen outing for Elsa, Anna and the gang.

The makers of Frozen have, for the most part, kept it pretty vague when it comes to speculation about a potential third movie, but directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee have said that, for now at least, they feel the story is done.

Nonetheless, many remain hopeful the team could revisit Elsa and Anna's journeys again in the future and, in an exclusive interview with, Animation Supervisor Wayne Unten, charged with working on Elsa over the course of both films, said he would relish the opportunity to return to work on the snow queen.

Asked about the possibility of another sequel, he laughed, "It’s not my choice but, if I could, I would love to revisit these characters.

"For the first movie, you get to know who these characters are, you work with them so intimately," he continued, explaining the bond the animators form with the characters. "We had to build the character — like, literally build the character — and then we get to animate them and breathe life into them and then it’s over. Then the people see it on the screen but we don’t get to work with them any more.

"In a way, working on Frozen 2 was kind of like our kids came back home from college and they’re visiting again and we get to spend more time with them," he added.

"I love working with these characters, especially Elsa. We’ll see what happens but I would love to work on these characters again. Especially since there’s so much story that I have, personally, working on these characters.

"Ah, I would love to dive back into that world."

Join us for our Disney+ Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 Live Q&A with director Chris Buck, Animation Supervisor Wayne Unten and Animator Malorie Walters at 5pm, Friday 26th June on Facebook and Twitter.

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