Freeview film of the day: Training Day

Ethan Hawke is the rookie cop teamed with Denzel Washington's streetwise detective who believes himself to be above the law


Training Day ★★★★ 
9.00-11.25pm Dave


A brutally hard-boiled crime thriller, which doesn’t have much good to say about the Los Angeles police department. Ethan Hawke is the young rookie eager to get on to the department’s vice squad. To find out whether he’s up to the job he’s sent out on a training day with veteran cop Denzel Washington, a man with highly unconventional views on police work. He believes in dispensing justice on the streets, so when he catches two men trying to rape a girl he doesn’t arrest them – he just beats them up. As the busy day progresses, Hawke learns more than he could wish to know about graft and corruption within the upper echelons of the LAPD, is told to kill someone and is around when a terrific gun battle takes place. Both stars are good, Washington particularly so as a bad guy.


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