Freeview film of the day: Total Recall

Arnold travels to Mars to fight bad guys as a secret agent. Is it real? Is it a memory implant? Who cares when it's this much fun.


Total Recall ★★★★ 
10.00-12.20am ITV4


This is as close as Arnold Schwarzenegger has come to real acting – still the superhero slaughtering countless people but exhibiting unusual signs of bewilderment. Mind you, bewilderment might have come naturally to him when faced with dialogue of more than a few words but, in Paul Verhoeven’s complex sci-fi epic, bewilderment is good both for character and plot. Schwarzie, a construction worker on Earth in 2084 and married to Sharon Stone, has confusing memories of another life on the now colonised Mars, where he was involved with Rachel Ticotin in a bloody civil war. But are these real memories or false ones implanted by an agency called Rekall? What is real and what is not? It’s all very violent but it does keep you watching.


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