Freeview film of the day: Someone to Watch over Me

A New York cop from the tough side of the tracks is assigned the job of protecting a high-society woman who is a murder witness in Ridley Scott's stylish thriller.


Someone to Watch over Me ★★★★ 
11.45pm-1.30am BBC1


That this mildly erotic thriller stars Tom Berenger and Mimi Rogers should help you date it. Yes, it came out in 1987. An archetypically stylish Ridley Scott film – albeit one people forget about, and it’s rarely shown – it’s set in the glamorous, art-gallery world of the Manhattan rich, where Rogers witnesses a Mob murder and Berenger’s married family-man detective investigates. Things quickly turn extracurricular, as per 80s film law, although there’s nothing saucy enough to frighten the horses. It’s worth watching for the Proustian nostalgic rush it summons for the decade, and the film’s soundtrack includes the titular Gershwin number, but sung by Sting. Oh well.


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