Freeview film of the day: It Follows

If you like your horror to creep you out rather than shower you with gore, prepare yourself for a satisfyingly unsettling experience


It Follows ★★★★ 
Premiere 9.00-11.05pm Film4


David Robert Mitchell’s breakout horror hit found an audience far beyond its genre comfort zone. A genuine slow-burner, it centres on a malevolent entity that pursues young adults in Detroit – specifically student Maika Monroe – and is visible only to the pursued individual; if it catches you, it kills you, and reverts to following the person who previously passed it on. It’s easier to follow than it sounds, and you really need to see it to discover just how terrifying a customised, shape-shifting human pursuer who never breaks out of walking pace can be. There’s a sexual-comeuppance thread, too, and a nice touch of John Carpenter about the mood and squelchy synth score. A sequel beckons.


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