Freeview film of the day: Hope and Glory

A bombed-out London is the perfect playground for a young boy in John Boorman's personal account of life during the Blitz


Hope and Glory ★★★★★ 
6.55-9.00pm Sony Movie Channel


Director John Boorman’s autobiographical film looks at the Blitz through the eyes of nine-year-old Billy (Sebastian Rice-Edwards). For adults this was a time of fear and mortal danger but not for a small boy. To Billy and his friends the bombs and shells are a glorious firework display while ruined houses are simply an adventure playground. With his father called up, Billy and his sisters (Sammi Davis, Geraldine Muir) live with their mother (Sarah Miles) in London suburbia. But then their house is burnt down and they go to stay with grandad (Ian Bannen on great form) on the Thames at Shepperton. To turn the Blitz into a joyful comedy drama is some achievement, but Boorman has managed it.


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