Freeview film of the day: Gravity

Sandra Bullock is lost in space and trying to get back to Earth in this Oscar multi-bagger that'll have you on the edge of your seat


Gravity  ★★★★★



7.10-9.00pm ITV2

Biomedical engineer Dr Sandra Bullock is on her first space mission in a craft captained by veteran astronaut George Clooney. Unfortunately, their ship is destroyed by debris from a defunct satellite. Only Bullock and Clooney are left, floating about in space. What to do? Well, the International Space Station is only 900 miles away so they set out for it. But, as you can imagine, walking about in space isn’t like a stroll in the Lake District. All kinds of perils beset them, the satellite debris is everywhere, laying waste to other space stations. Clooney is soon out of action and Bullock has to struggle to find her way to salvation. The plot doesn’t really bear close examination but it’s thrillingly tense, Bullock is very good as is Clooney, while he’s on screen, and the effects are outstanding. Largely because of them, the film won seven Oscars.


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