Fourth Lego Movie spin-off The Billion Brick Race in the works

How I Met Your Mother's Jason Segel and Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce will team up to bring the latest Lego creation to the big screen

Everything is awesome when it’s made with Lego – just check out this Jurassic Park short if you don’t believe us – and Hollywood clearly concurs. Following the success of the first film featuring the world’s favourite building blocks, another spin-off is already in the pipeline.


The Lego Movie was an international box office smash and the biggest blockbuster of 2014 in both the UK and Ireland, so it’s little wonder that not one, not two, but four sequels are already being constructed.

The Hollywood Reporter says Jason Segel and Drew Pearce have been signed up to write and co-direct the film, which will be called The Billion Brick Race. It joins a spin-off list that includes a Ninjago film (based on the line of ninja and dragon toys) and a Lego Batman spin-off with Will Arnett.

And let’s not forget The Lego Movie 2, which is scheduled for release in 2018. It’s not yet clear whether Billion Brick Race will be released before or after Emmet’s return to cinema screens.

With plot details being kept under lock and key, we will have to get creative and speculate: Will the flick feature an actual race? With Lego drivers? Or could it be about a building competition? What about a race – as in group of people – who are made entirely out of Danish plastic bricks?

Or perhaps even Iron Man himself could take the lead? Pearce has experience working with Tony Stark after all.

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