First pictures of David Tennant playing famed psychiatrist RD Laing

He just loves playing doctors


After starring as a certain Time Lord and the thought-controlling Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, you’d think David Tennant would be sick of both doctors and mind games – but based on his latest film project, which has released its first images, he’s just getting started.


Called Mad to Be Normal, the film will see Tennant play RD Laing, a Scottish psychiatrist whose unconventional methods – including giving his patients LSD and encouraging them to “embrace their madness” – were condemned by his peers, but are now seen by some as ahead of their time.

The new images (via Empire) show Tennant’s Laing in all his 1960s/70s glory at a party and conducting a radio interview, though there’s no sign yet of his main co-stars Elizabeth Moss, Michael Gambon, Gabriel Byrne and David Bamber and not too much information about what the film itself will be like.

Still, however it turns out, it’s great to see the Doctor zoom back into the past to try and save people once again.


Mad to Be Normal will be released later this year