First look at Josh Brolin’s Cable in Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds is your premium Cable provider

Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2 (20th Century Fox, HF)

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has shared a special sneak peek at the smash-hit superhero movie’s sequel, unveiling one of the most-anticipated characters set to appear – Josh Brolin’s Cable.


A psychic, telekinetic mercenary from the future (who also has some bionic parts thanks to a techno-organic virus), Cable first appeared in the X-Men comics in 1990, becoming a firm favourite and later being revealed as the secret son of Cyclops who had travelled back in time (meaning he technically appeared as a baby pre-1990. Comics are weird).

Anyway, over the years Cable has become a mainstay of the X-Men comic universe and a frequent foil to super-healing mercenary Deadpool, with the latter’s wacky humour rubbing off poorly on the super-serious soldier.

So it’s fair to say that comic-book fans will be excited to see the pair on the screen together in Deadpool 2, as well as witness Cable’s first appearance in the X-Men film franchise 27 years after his creation.

Bionic fingers crossed that the finished product meets all expectations….


Deadpool 2 will be released in June 2018