First look at JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in Justice League

Move over, Gary Oldman – Batman has a new ally in the police force


If you weren’t aware, yesterday was apparently the official “Batman day”, with many tributes to the Caped Crusader appearing on social media and other parts of the internet throughout the period.


But one of those tributes, from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder, was more interesting than most – because it gave us our first look at JK Simmons playing iconic Batman character Commissioner Gordon (last played by Gary Oldman in The Dark Knight Rises) for upcoming superhero team-up movie Justice League (also directed by Snyder).

Shrouded in darkness, Simmons’ version of police boss Gordon seems to be waiting for Batman at their traditional meeting place, by the giant bat-signal used to call Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) into action. While we can’t tell whether he’s sporting Gordon’s usual moustache, he certainly has the glasses down pat, and we can’t wait to actually see him in action.

Of course, we’ll have to withhold our judgement about whether Simmons’ new role can top his fan-favourite take on another comic-book character – irate newspaper publisher J Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy – but we’re sure the Oscar-winning actor will turn in a great performance regardless.

If nothing else, he’s bound to be the buffest Commissioner Gordon in history.


Justice League will be released in November 2017