Film and TV Bloopers #5 – Han Solo’s jacket disappears in Star Wars

Did it go to the Dark Side?


Han Solo doesn’t have much time to escape when he’s nabbed by Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode VI: The Empire Strikes Back, but he does have time for a quick outfit change, apparently.


As the smuggler (played by Harrison Ford) says goodbye and “I know” to his beloved Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher RIP) his soon-to-be-frozen-in-carbonite clobber changes.

When he’s talking to Chewbacca he’s all in white.


When he’s snogging Leia, he’s all in white.


But when we see him up close, he’s wearing his brown waistcoat/jacket.


And without the jacket again when the camera pans back to show him sinking into the icy depths.


Lucasfilm managed to fix the error in the updated HD remastering of the movie, but fans who have a copy of the classic can still see Han’s extra layer of clothing.


And let’s face it, he’ll need it where he’s going.

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