Fifty Shades of Grey: Christian Grey opens the doors to his apartment

Take a virtual tour around the "intimate corners" of Christian's swanky and stylish apartment

There are just two weeks until Fifty Shades of Grey is released in cinemas, so it’s time we were privy to a little more information. Like what the inside of Christian Grey’s apartment looks like, perhaps?


Thanks to a brand new website, we’ve been given the keys to Grey’s “intimate corners”.

“What is it about elevators?” whispers Christian (aka Jamie Dornan) as you travel up in the lift with him to his Penthouse apartment. He’s been waiting for you to arrive, apparently – and there’s even a non-disclosure agreement to sign before you step inside his far-from-humble abode. 

Once past the threshold you’re free to roam around. Christian will offer you a drink or play the piano for you. You can check out the contents of his wine fridge, note down recipes of his favourite dishes and linger over iconic spots from EL James’ naughty novels. 

The only bad news? The doors to Christian’s bedroom, bathroom and, most importantly, the red room are unfortunately still locked… 


Fifty Shades of Grey is in UK cinemas 13th February