Everyone loves this laughing mum in a Chewbacca mask

This video is the BEST thing


An American mum has found unexpected internet fame after posting a Facebook Live video of herself trying on a Chewbacca mask.


Candace Payne bought the discounted mask at a local department store as part of her “birthday joy” and filmed the first time she put it on from the store’s car park. And her unabashed glee and hysterical laughter has turned her into a viral hit.

“Oh, I’m such a happy Chewbacca!” she giggles.

If you haven’t watched it yet, this will the best thing you’ll see all day. Her joy is infectious.

Since being posted last week, the video has broken Facebook Live records and become the most watched post ever.


It’s currently been watched over 124 MILLION times. And that number is still growing…