Every Star Wars soundtrack is being released on vinyl

The Ultimate Vinyl Collection comes out next year

A long time ago in a bedsit far, far away, your parents were happy. They had hair, they loved each other, they loved that far-out new movie Star Wars, they used old wine bottles as candlesticks and they listened to vinyl records.


Good news! Every Star Wars soundtrack is coming out on vinyl. Star Wars: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection will be released January 8th 2016, and will recreate the album art from the original soundtracks.

Bad news! It will cost £130.


Worse news! It includes the prequels. Yes, John Williams did his usual bang-up job on the music, but who needs a vinyl-sized reminder that The Phantom Menace exists? Also, the early 2000s were the only time that vinyl wasn’t popular. Maybe they could reissue it on Hit Clips?