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Even JJ Abrams can’t get any Star Wars: Episode VIII spoilers out of Daisy Ridley

Chris Pratt and Penelope Cruz also starred in Josh Gad’s video as he tried to wangle answers out of his co-star

Published: Tuesday, 21st February 2017 at 9:55 am

Josh Gad certainly is persistent.


While shooting Murder on the Orient Express with Daisy Ridley, he has done his best to gets answers about Star Wars: Episode VIII out of his co-star.

He even enlisted the help of Dame Judi Dench to try and figure out whether Rey was the last Jedi and a whole host of other queries fans are desperate to know. However, despite incessant questioning, Daisy has remained resolutely stoic and silent.

So in his final video and last attempt, Gad roped in some of the biggest names in Hollywood to try and help him.

He called up Chris Pratt, Penelope Cruz, Bryce Dallas Howard, Tom Bateman and Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow (who will be directing Star Wars: Episode IX) to ask her instead.

He saved the best interrogator for last as he got Star Wars: Episode VII director JJ Abrams to ask her: “Does Luke finally get to say any lines in Episode VIII? Please, tell me Daisy.”


But no, nothing. It turns out that when casting for Episode VII, they not only hired brilliant actors, but also excellent secret agents.


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