Even Jabba agrees Han shot first in cut Star Wars scene

Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew continues to share original George Lucas scripts – does this mean the "Han Shot First" debate is closed?


Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) seems hell bent on putting the ‘Who shot first?’ question to bed.


Quick recap: did Harrison Ford’s character shoot Bounty Hunter Greedo first, or did he kill in self-defence in the original flick Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope?

Last week Mayhew posted a picture of his original George Lucas script, insisting “Han shot first. Period”. This seemed to dismiss Lucas’s later Star Wars edit, which (clunkily) showed Han dodge a blaster shot before frying Greedo (hence all the questions about what was actually intended).

Now, adding extra weight to Mayhew’s argument, the actor has shared scripts which show Jabba the Hutt literally state: “He wasn’t going to blast you”.


These scenes were left on the cutting room floor and seem to wrap the whole thing up. Jabba has literally said he wasn’t going to shoot. What could be left to discuss? Well, there’s one small thing. If you take a close look, the directions say Jabba answers in ‘mock surprise’, which suggests he’s not exactly telling the truth. And that’s something that can be believed.

This one might not be over just yet.


However, Mayhew’s left us with something else to chew over: what the films would have been like if the Millennium Falcon had been known simply as a ‘pirate starship’.