Evanna Lynch reveals she was pen pals with JK Rowling long before she became Luna Lovegood

“Even now it boggles me how she had the time,” the actress admits


Long before Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch stepped into the charming role of Luna Lovegood, she was a pen pal with none other than author JK Rowling.


Lynch is said to have reached out to Rowling while suffering with an eating disorder aged 11.

“Even now it boggles me how she had the time,” said Lynch. “I think she has an amazing heart. I was very sick at the time, and I told her that Harry Potter was my only distraction from that. I told her all my insecurities, and I guess she related to that. I guess I knew she would, I knew she would be sensitive enough to understand.

“She sometimes told me in letters about how insecure she felt as a young girl, and that she injects that into all her characters  the outsider feeling,” Lynch told Image. “Especially in Luna and Neville.”


Rowling couldn’t really be more magical if she was actually a witch, could she?