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Enjoy a rare glimpse inside the world of professional stunt sprouting

Meet Russ - lead stunt sprout in the Sky Movies Christmas advert... logo
Published: Thursday, 17th December 2015 at 8:02 am

Sadly there is no Oscar for Best Stunt Sprout, but if there was, it would surely be won this year by veteran vegetable performer, Russ Sprout, star of the 2015 Sky Movies Christmas advert.


In these revealing films, we are privileged to get a glimpse behind the scenes of Russ's life and work, and learn more about how he came to become lead stunt sprout in a commercial of such epic proportions.

It turns out he gets handed seasonal roles "on a plate" and was not phased by this trilogy of films (with four films in) which in sproutland, Russ calls a "fourlogy". He's definitely been practicing his "high velocity spherical rotation spin" to ensure movie fans get some serious action this Christmas, and he reveals why green screen doesn't really work for him.

Here's more from the sprout himself...

Plus Russ shares some tips on becoming a master swordsprout...

How to deal with snakes on set...

And how to do a stunt fall in style!



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