Emma Watson’s phone went off during an interview – and her ringtone was a bit of a surprise

"Steamy windows... ain't nobody can see, steamy windows... coming from the body heat"


Emma Watson’s phone went off in an interview yesterday and it betrayed her musical guilty pleasure.


There she was being all serious and professional, discussing the research she did for a new role in Chile, and her mobile phone started ringing, revealing that her chosen ring tone is a retro Tina Turner track about people having sex in the back of cars.


“That is so embarrassing. That is my phone. That’s Tina Turner,” the 26-year-old actress said. When it became clear her interviewer was rather impressed by her choice of tune, she added “I’m glad that I’m forgiven because it’s Tina Turner otherwise that would have been terrible. I’m so sorry!”

We don’t know what we expected – Disney’s Be Our Guest or the tinkling Harry Potter theme tune, perhaps – but we didn’t expect Watson’s ringtone to be this: a steamy single from 1989, the year before she was even born.

We do rather like it though…

? Steamy windows… ain’t nobody can see, steamy windows… coming from the body heat ?


Watch the full interview with Emma Watson, where she discusses things other than her taste in 80s music, like her upcoming movie The Colony: