Emma Watson shows off her singing in iconic opening sequence from Beauty and the Beast

Disney have revealed a minute-long clip from the hotly-anticipated film


We’ve had what is the best sneak preview yet of Emma Watson singing as Belle in Beauty and the Beast.


Disney have revealed a minute-long teaser from one of the most iconic scenes of the film – the opening sequence to the song ‘Belle’.

It’s certainly a lot better than the first clip we heard of Emma, via a Belle doll before Christmas…

Anyway, as she picks up her bread in the “poor provincial town” and pats a horse on the way to return a copy of Romeo and Juliet, there are already differences between the original animated film and the live action movie.

For starters, in the 1991 film Belle was returning a copy of Jack and the Beanstalk – an altogether less challenging tome than Shakespeare.


We can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the rest of the movie, although we’ll have to wait until March 17th to find out.