Emma Watson beatboxed but got really, really embarrassed

The actress and activist turned "the colour of a tomato", but helped pull off a great HeForShe rap with Lin-Manuel Miranda


Emma Watson beatboxed.


Yes, you read that correctly, but we’ll say it one more time: Emma Watson beatboxed.

The actress and activist was pretty embarrassed by the whole thing, admitting she was as red as a tomato by the end. But after a few giggles, she was able to provide a beat for Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda to rap about gender equality.

Watson met with the creator of Hamilton musical to discuss her HeForShe campaign, which Miranda tapped into with his lyrics: “Women are like half of the people on Earth/ And yes they should have been equal since birth.”


And he clearly knew this clip would be an ‘internet thing’, adding: “Holy cow this is such a meme, thank you this is the beatbox dream team.”