Does this tweet mean Colin Firth is returning for new Kingsman sequel?

Firth's suave secret agent Harry Hart could return from the dead for upcoming Kingsman movie The Golden Circle


We were all pretty sure that Colin Firth wasn’t returning for the upcoming Kingsman sequel. We saw his character, suave secret agent Harry Hart, die. With our own eyes.


He met a sticky end towards the end of the first film at the hands of Samuel L Jackson’s villainous billionaire Richmond Valentine. Or at least, he appeared to. It turns out we might have been mistaken.

Taron Egerton, who plays Hart’s protege Eggsy, has tweeted a poster for the upcoming sequel The Golden Circle, which hints that Harry’s demise might not be all that permanent.

The poster features the words, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” and includes a pair of sunglasses, with one lens missing, which is presumably a reference to the bullet which hit Harry in the eye.

So is Harry back? Or is Taron Egerton just teasing us?


Kingsman: the Golden Circle is tipped for release in June 2017