Does this fan theory prove that Frozen’s Elsa and Anna aren’t really sisters?

Perhaps it's Tangled's Rapunzel with the real family connection...


The world of Disney is intimately connected: you probably already know that you can spot two characters from Rapunzel fairytale Tangled in a brief scene near the end of Frozen.


However, one new fan theory suggests that the two films may be more closely related than we ever realised.

Spelled out in a new video, the theory suggests that Frozen’s Elsa and Anna aren’t really sisters. In fact, it’s Tangled’s Rapunzel who is the ice queen’s true sibling.

The evidence is pretty compelling: the films are supposed to take place at roughly the same time, the two princesses are exactly the same age, and they’re the only two Disney princesses with magical powers. And just wait until the Film Theory narrator gets into the discussion of recessive eye colour genes.


Of course, we’ll probably never find out if this is true, but it’s certainly an interesting take on the characters. And if nothing else it makes all your Elsa/Anna shipping officially less creepy.