Director Zack Snyder tweets first look at Ben Affleck in his Tactical Batsuit

Batman's got some new threads


Batman’s got a new Batsuit in the upcoming Justice League film. It isn’t just any old Batsuit (imagine the M&S music), it’s a Tactical Batsuit. A Tactical Batsuit with a new mask that director Zack Snyder has handily shared a photo of so we can enjoy it in all of its tactical glory.


Given that it was the last day of filming, actor Ben Affleck must be quite used to his new threads by this point (although, we’re expecting to see him in various Batsuits throughout the film). We, on the other hand, will have to just wait and see what’s so tactical about the whole thing. Given the film sees Batman try and recruit a supergroup of superheroes to tackle a new enemy, perhaps there’s something about it that makes teaming up with him a no-brainer. A good pocket for team snacks maybe?

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the suit. Eagled-eyed fans spotted it in the background of this snap earlier in the year.

As for when we’ll see it in action, Justice League is slated for release on November 17th 2017.


Check out the trailer: