Frightened children shown horror film instead of Detective Pikachu in cinema mix up

Movie-goers sitting down to watch the cuddly Pokemon were shown trailers for killer dolls, before the main feature - The Curse of La Llorona...


Here’s a case for Detective Pikachu: how did a cinema in Montreal manage to swap the new animated comedy starring Ryan Reynolds for a horror film that opens with scenes of a mother drowning her young son?


That appears to be what happened as frightened children expecting to see the cuddly yellow Pokemon in action were instead shown trailers for not one but two movies about homicidal dolls – Annabelle Comes Home and the Child’s Play remake – before supernatural movie The Curse of La Llorona began to play.

Meanwhile, in another theatre in the cinema, horror film fans were treated to teasers including family animation The Secret Life of Pets 2.

Among those settling down expecting to watch Detective Pikachu when the inappropriate trailers began to play was Screen Rant’s Ryan George, who tweeted “The theatre I’m in is playing a trailer for Annabelle Comes Home before Detective Pikachu LOOK AWAY CHILDREN OH NO”.


Reports of upset children suggest that, in this case, many unfortunately had their eyes fixed on the cinema screen rather than their Twitter apps.