Daniel Radcliffe stars in boozy Slow Club music video

The Harry Potter actor has a pub to himself as he necks half-empty drinks and gets angsty as hell in the new promo...

You know when you wake up after a heavy night with your head on the bar and no-one else left in the pub? No? Well, Daniel Radcliffe does.


The Harry Potter star is the sole survivor of a very late lock-in at my north London local the Faltering Fullback (they never asked me to stay) in the video for the new Slow Club single Beginners.

After regaining consciousness, the dishevelled, unshaven Radcliffe stumbles around the pub lip-synching to the track (about two seconds behind – but we suspect that’s just this version of the video) punching things, necking half-empty drinks and jumping on tables, before finally collapsing in a heap.

Starring in the promo is arguably a brave move for Radcliffe, who has been very open about his past problems with alcohol. But he’s a big fan of the Sheffield indie band, whose second album Paradise, from which the single is taken, was released last year.


Radcliffe follows in the footsteps of fellow Harry Potter alumni Rupert Grint, who recently appeared in the promo for Ed Sheeran’s single Lego House, and Emma Watson, who starred in the video for Say You Don’t Want It by her boyfriend George Craig’s band One Night Only. Watch all three videos below.