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Dan Aykroyd has an idea for a Ghostbusters Netflix series

Stranger Things has got Dan Aykroyd thinking, and what he's thinking about is a Ghostbusters prequel

Published: Friday, 27th October 2017 at 11:01 am

What were the Ghostbusters like as school kids? If Dan Aykroyd gets his way, we could soon find out.


The Ghostbusters creator, who starred as Ray Stantz in the classic 1984 movie, said he could see "several possibilities" to create a new live-action series with Netflix.

Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd
Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd (Getty)

Netflix show Stranger Things 2 already references the Ghostbusters with an inspired group Halloween costume, and now Akyroyd has revealed he's interested in exploring the idea of a prequel with the on demand streaming giant.

"Yes. Absolutely. Sure. Sure," he told CinemaBlend. "I can see several possibilities there.

"You know? Take a cue from these guys in Stranger Things and maybe have the Ghostbusters in high school or something."

Stranger Things Hawkins Middle School (Netflix, JG)
Stranger Things Hawkins Middle School (Netflix)

We've already gone down the reboot path with 2016's Ghostbusters, which wasn't a huge success – to put it mildly. Our reviewer reckoned it was "uninspired, bland and lame-brained".

And getting the original cast together for a proper sequel also seems like a non-starter: Bill Murray is pretty busy and Harold Ramis is dead.


But a prequel? With the right script and the right cast, it could actually – maybe – work.


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