Daisy Ridley and Barbra Streisand have recorded a song together

Because, why not?


Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley didn’t spend Saturday doing the laundry or catching up on some box set on Netflix… nope, she went ahead a recorded a song with Barbra Streisand.


Because, well, why not?

Ridley, who joined the franchise as Rey in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, has been teasing fans about an upcoming superstar duet. Then she finally posted a snap of the pair in a recording studio, describing it as an “insane weekend”.

Her weekend continued to be no less starry, taking to the red carpet for the Oscars the following day. Here she told E! News that Streisand was a “legendary awe-inspiring jaw-dropping superstar.”


For a taste of Ridley’s vocal talents check out this sing-song with Force Awakens co-star Oscar Isaac singing Baby, It’s Cold Outside…