Christian Slater: I want to be in Star Wars

The Mr Robot star reveals why he'd like to go to that galaxy far, far away...

There once was a time when Christian Slater was the most popular brooding teenager on the block but he says that these days the only way his kids will ever think he’s cool is if he can bag a role in Star Wars.


“There is nothing I can do to make my children see me as being cool”, Slater says in the new edition of Radio Times.

“My son is watching Archer and he has caught up to the season where I had a small part. My wife told me he is secretly enjoying seeing me in that, but he would never tell me himself.”

“Nothing I do will ever be cool. Unless I was in Star Wars”, the star of Amazon Prime’s Mr Robot says.

Would he like to feel the force and head to the galaxy far, away though?

“I’m interested in doing things that scare the heck out of me, and that would be a fear I would be willing to walk through”, Slater admits. “It would make my son happy, and frankly I need all the leverage I can get to make me seem cool at home.”

“Please, help me out, talk to some people and make it happen.”

We’re sure his son would proudly admit Christian was his father if daddy was wielding a three pronged lightsaber and learning to feel the force. We’ll get on the phone to JJ now…

The new edition of Radio Times is on sale from Tuesday 13th October in shops and on the newsstand 


Mr. Robot is available on Amazon Prime from October 16th