He’s boldly gone where no man has gone before and she’s won an Oscar, but Chris Pine (aka the next generation Captain Kirk from Star Trek) wouldn’t mind reuniting with Anne Hathaway for a third Princess Diaries film.

The actor was taking part in a Tumblr Q&A with Entertainment Weekly promoting his latest film, The Finest Hours, when a fan asked him about the possibility of continuing on the franchise.

You might remember him from the second instalment, which saw him wooing Princess Mia while attempting to steal her throne. It goes really well...

“Don’t you pray every night for a Princess Diaries 3?” they asked Pine.

“Have you been reading my diary?” he wrote back.

Good man Chris, good man. And it wasn’t the only bit of fun he had with the crowd either.

Pine’s fans are known as the “Pine Nuts” (you can see him discussing that fact with Graham Norton, Benedict Cumberbatch and Graham Norton right here) and one student asked if Pine would endorse a ‘Pine Nut Trail Mix’ if it existed?

“Better taste good,” Pine joked. “While I can understand the connection between myself and a bag of nuts, can we talk about doing a line of pastas?”