Channel 5 showed a day of Christmas films in August and reactions were rather mixed



Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Whether it’s the endless repeat of yuletide songs in pubs and shopping centres, or the arrival of advent calendars in supermarkets in September, it’s just not okay.


But yesterday, it was Channel 5’s scheduling department who decided Christmas would come early this year. On 21st August, 126 whole days before the day itself, Channel 5 showed Christmas films… ALL afternoon.

The schedule went like so: Christmas Song, The Christmas Bunny, Lucky Christmas, Defending Santa. It lasted for SEVEN hours. 

They announced this bizarre move with a tweet and the excuse: “Well it’s almost September…”

But it’s not September, okay, Channel 5. It’s not even autumn yet. Stop trying to steal summer. Summer Grinch. 

To top off the craziness, last night’s Celebrity Big Brother also had a winter wonderland theme.

Some people were unhappy.

And nappers were very confused. 

But some people actually thought it was a great idea:

We all love Christmas, but that’s because it comes just once a year. It’s special. Enough with the overkill.


It’s only okay for ads to come early. Because the ads are great and they make us cry… in a good way.