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Carrie Fisher reveals the one Star Wars line she absolutely hated

So much so she said it inspired her to become a writer

Published: Wednesday, 20th April 2016 at 9:09 am

Actress Carrie Fisher has revealed she hated a line in Star Wars so much it inspired her to write her own stuff. 


The line in question hails from the pen of George Lucas and featured in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope:

"I have placed information vital to the survival of the Rebellion into the memory systems of this R2 unit.”

Vital information regarding the survival of the rebellion is kind of a big deal. But, according to Uproxx, the actress repeated the line three times at a recent Q&A at the Tribeca Film Festival, making her distaste for the piece of dialogue very clear.

In fact, if you listen back to the scene, Fisher says the words in a British accent – something she attributes to the difficulty of its delivery.

Fisher also credits the piece of dialogue with inspiring her to to put pen to paper herself. Among her own writing credits are an episode of TV show Roseanne and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. 


Luckily, the somewhat clunky line was shortly followed by one of the most famous: "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Swings and roundabouts, eh?


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