Brie Larson confirmed as superhero Captain Marvel

Marvel’s first female-led film has its Carol Danvers


Of all the news and footage that came out of last night’s Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-con, this was probably the least surprising – Brie Larson has been confirmed to play superhero Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers), after months of speculation that the Room actress would be taking on the role.


Gaining superpowers after an alien artefact explodes near her, the comic-book version of Captain Marvel first appeared in the 1960s, before taking on her superhero mantle (with powers of flight, strength and energy absorption) in 1977 (continuing until the present day). Originally called Ms Marvel, she has also been known as Warbird and Binary.

The film version of Captain Marvel may or may not follow that same origin story (details of the film, including its director, are still pretty sketchy at this point), but we do know one thing – the movie will debut in March 2019, and it has a pretty nice logo.



Captain Marvel will be released in March 2019