Boy instantly regrets challenging Disney character Gaston to push up contest

Clearly he didn’t hear about the biceps to spare thing…

Beauty and the Beast character Gaston is quite the burly chap. In case there was any doubt about this, he has an eponymous song in the film in which you can learn a few things about the Disney meanie…


Number 1: “There’s no man in town half as manly”

Number 2: “There’s no one as burly and brawny”

Number 3: He’s got “biceps to spare”

Number 4: Every morning he eats “five dozen eggs”

Number 5: He’s “roughly the size of a barge”

Doesn’t sound like the sort of man you would challenge to a push up contest, does he?

But that didn’t stop one plucky lad who came face-to-face with Gaston during a meet and greet in the Disney World amusement park.

“I think I’m stronger than you,” he can be heard saying, before dropping to the floor to show the tights-clad character what he can do.

It instantly goes pear-shaped: Gaston does twice as many press-ups, smiling away the whole time.

“He looks like he’s struggling,” Gaston teases, before effortlessly swapping to one-handed press ups. “Perhaps he needs a hand,” Gaston mocks as he offers up his spare hand.

To his credit, the holiday-goer does attempt to copy the one-handed efforts of the Disney star, before crashing to the floor.

Eggs for lunch, perhaps?