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The best films on TV on Christmas Eve 2018

From The Snowman and Peter Rabbit to horror comedy Gremlins, there's something for everyone on Christmas Eve

The Snowman
Published: Monday, 24th December 2018 at 9:00 pm

With the festive season in full swing, Christmas Eve is a great day to sit down in front of a film – and maybe get that last minute wrapping done at the same time.


From kids favourites like Zootropolis, to festive films like Miracle on 34th Street, and even horror comedy Gremlins for those in need of something a little less sweet after all those mice pies, here's our roundup of the best films to watch on TV on Christmas Eve 2018.

Peter Rabbit — 10:10am Sky Cinema Premiere

James Corden is the titular furry hero in the animated adaptation of Beatrix Potter's classic children's book. About Time's Domhnall Gleeson co-stars as the bunnies' grumpy new neighbour, Thomas McGregor, who refuses to allow the local wildlife to continue plundering the house's rich vegetable garden — prompting an all-out war between Peter and McGregor.

Zootropolis — 2:55pm BBC1

Ginnifer Goodwin voices Judy Hopps, an ambitious rabbit from Bunnyburrow, who finally achieves her childhood dream of becoming a police officer in the urban Zootopia. However, she struggles with her new role, and is later forced to pair-up with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a (seemingly) dastardly fox, after she volunteers to help solve the mysterious incidents plaguing the city.

The Snowman — 4:40pm Channel 4

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without this animated classic, adapted from Raymond Briggs' bestselling children's book, about a little boy who builds a snowman in his back garden — only for it to come to life.

Mary Poppins — 5pm BBC1

Julie Andrews plays the titular flying nanny with a taste for spoonfuls of sugar, alongside Dick Van Dyke as a "Cockney" chimney sweep. Poppins flies down to London on her umbrella in order to raise two naughty children — and save their workaholic father, Mr Banks, who works (you guessed it) in a grim City bank.

The Snowman and the Snowdog — 5:10pm Channel 4

The 2012 animated sequel to The Snowman follows a little boy grieving for his family dog. When he finds a mysterious shoebox under the floorboards of his new bedroom, he decides to build a snowman and accompanying snowdog ...

Miracle on 34th Street — 6pm Channel 4

The remake of the 1947 classic stars Richard Attenborough as an elderly man who works as a department store Santa Claus — and who's convinced he's the real deal. Mrs Doubtfire's Mara Wilson stars as the little girl who doesn't believe in Santa in this heartwarming festive film.

Gremlins — 9:30pm ITV


If you're sick of the more saccharine offerings usually scheduled at this time of year, this horror comedy may prove the tonic. A teenage boy is given a furry new pet for Christmas — but he's under strict instructions not to feed it after midnight, otherwise things might start to go wrong...


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