Benedict Cumberbatch is a master at saying nothing in the nicest possible way tried to prise some clues out of the Doctor Strange and Sherlock star – with hilarious results


Benedict Cumberbatch – Doctor Strange star, Sherlock genius – has become quite adept at giving absolutely nothing away.


It’s no surprise really, given that he’s constantly asked teasing questions by people looking to gain insight into upcoming storylines.

What’s impressive is just how nice Cumberbatch is when all he’s really doing is saying ‘No’. Despite stonewalling throughout our recent meet-up to talk future Doctor Strange outings, we came away feeling pretty happy about the whole thing.

Oh, and that whole confusion about working on Tom Hiddleston in Sherlock? Totally our bad… See what we mean below.

(Potential Doctor Strange spoilers to follow – we’re not sure, HE’S NOT TELLING US ANYTHING)


Doctor Strange is in cinemas now. Sherlock series four will begin on New Year’s Day 2017.