Ben Affleck’s Armageddon DVD commentary is hilarious

It's like a really good Honest Trailer


They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit – but Ben Affleck’s commentary on the Armageddon DVD proves it’s actually the highest, best and funniest.


The actor tells the story of how, naive and eager back in 1998 when starring in the disaster movie, he asked director Michael Bay if it wouldn’t be easier to turn astronauts into oil drillers rather than oil drillers into astronauts.

Bay’s response? “Shut the f**k up.”

Twitter user @u_sylvie spotted the brilliant commentary, in which Affleck also talks about the less believable bits of the sci-fi thriller.

“They don’t know jack about drilling? How hard could it be? Aim the drill at the ground and turn it on.”

“Eight whole months? Like that’s not enough time to learn to drill a hole? But in a week, we’re gonna learn how to be astronauts…”


Honestly, Ben Affleck needs to narrate ALL THE DVDS. And our lives, too.