Batman v Superman breaks box office records

The Super Friends earn super funds


Superman and Batman have starred in comic books for near enough 100 years. Since the moment they were created they’ve been a permanent feature on children’s lunchboxes, and at Hallowe’en parties, and on sketch comedy shows. Batman alone has two of the highest-grossing films of all time and Superman, the comparatively less successful movie star, has fronted six films since 1978.


Forget locomotives, they are two of the most powerful figures in pop culture. The fact that a film starring both at the same time earned £300 million worldwide in its first five days is not even a little bit surprising. Consider that Warner Bros gilded their lily with a reported $28 million US TV ad campaign and Batman v Superman’s domestic $170.1 million opening – a record for March and the sixth-highest US opening weekend ever – seems inevitable.

Batman and Superman winning at the box office is as shocking as them catching Lex Luthor and saving the day. Yet you know who is surprised? Professional movie critics, who are now staring their irrelevance square in the face.


Guys. If Lex Luthor and Doomsday couldn’t take down these two, what chance did some dweebs with ergonomic keyboards have?