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Bafta Film Awards 2016 – as it happened

Re-live all the action from the British Academy Film Awards – the red carpet, the ceremony and ALL the backstage gossip...

Published: Sunday, 14th February 2016 at 2:06 pm

Tonight's the night. The acting A-list are in town for the 69th British Academy Film Awards, held at London's Royal Opera House and will be there to report on one of the film calendar's biggest – and glitziest – events.


From red carpet photos and exclusive interviews with your favourite stars, to the ceremony itself and gossip from the winners backstage, we've got it all. The awards gets underway at 6:45pm but the ceremony isn't broadcast on BBC1 until 9pm – so head here first for the scoop on the night's big winners...

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22:03: That's it for tonight, folks. I hope you've enjoyed what's been 6,000 words (I counted!) of live blogging. If you're just coming to this feed now, read on at your peril. And for those of you who stuck with us for the long haul, we hope you enjoyed our evening of coverage.

21:42: Of course, while The Revenant cleaned up, there are several high profile films that have walked away empty-handed, most notably Carol which had led the charge with a whopping nine nominations but lost out in all categories with Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara and Todd Haynes all overlooked. The Martian was another to miss out on silverware, with Matt Damon and Ridley Scott both shut out on the night.

21:40: We're hanging around backstage in the hope of grabbing a glimpse of the man of the moment – Leo. Although we wouldn't blame him if he chose to skip his interview in favour of a boozy afterparty... After all, he did just pick up his first Bafta.

21:27: So, time for a breakdown of the winners. The Revenant ruled the roost with five Baftas, taking home three of the evening's most coveted prizes for Best Film, Best Director and Leading Actor. Mad Max: Fury Road wasn't far behind, converting four of its seven nominations. Brie Larson added to her growing collection of silverware with a Leading Actress gong – but as for the rest? Ten films each took away just one award, among them The Big Short, Spotlight Brooklyn, Star Wars, The Hateful Eight, Steve Job, Inside Out and Amy.

The Leading Actor and Actress categories may be a sure thing, but it remains to be seen if The Revenant will consider its stellar run going into the Oscars – or whether the likes of The Big Short or Spotlight can still cause an upset.

21:24: Stephen Fry is done for the night. He's off to do some "eating and drinking like a wild revelling warthog who knows no shame or table manners." We wish we could say the same about our evening. Unfortunately it involves a packet of crisps and a can of coke – distinctly less glamorous than those folks inside the Royal Opera House heading over to Grosvenor House.

21:22: "This is overwhelming. The tradition of filmmaking here is amazing," says Inárritu, before reeling off a load of names to give thanks to before handing over to his fellow filmmakers for "a joke, a dance". Neither materialise, but these guys have earned the right to witter on a bit. They filmed in the wilderness for months on end, after all.

21:21: And the Bafta goes to... The Revenant, the big winner at tonight's ceremony.

21:19: And finally – we're nearly there, folks – the biggie. Best Film. And there's some serious star wattage on stage to present it in the form of Mr Tom Cruise. The nominees: Bridge of Spies, The Big Short, Carol, The Revenant and Spotlight.

21:15: Leo pays tribute to a string of British actors, from Tom Courtenay and Gary Oldman to Peter O'Toole and "everything Daniel Day Lewis has ever done".

He also thanked Tom Hardy – "I want to thank you for your fierce loyalty, not only as a collaborator but as a friend – and The Revenant's make up artists who "spent hours a day turning me into a living zombie."

But finally, he had some special words for one very special lady. "I would not be standing up here if it weren't for this person. I did not grow up in a life of privilege. This woman drove me three hours a day to a different school to show me a different opportunity. Mum, happy birthday. I love you very much."

How adorable was that?

21: 14: Nope! It's Leo, of course, marching up to the stage one step close to finally getting his paws on an Oscar.

21:11: Just two awards left... and now it's time for leading actor, presented by last year's best actress winner Julianne Moore, whose voice is a little shaky thanks to a bout of laryngitis.

This category is considered a lockdown for Leo, but just in case you're wondering, those competing against him are Bryan Cranston (Trumbo), Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl), Matt Damon (The Martian) and Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs). Can any of them cause him some pre-Oscars anxiety?

21:10: It's Brie, of course. The hot favourite for the best actress Oscar is sadly filming in Australia – "wrestling a large gorilla" – so director Lenny Abrahamson takes to the stage to pick up her prize. Above all he thanks Jacob Tremblay on her behalf. "Without those two we would have had no film," says Abrahamson.

21:07: Sacha Baron Cohen is looking distinctly un-Borat like in his tux as he comes to the stage to present "Best White Actress". He's not done yet...

"Bafta has shown none of the discrimination and prejudice that is so shamefully on display at the Oscars," he jokes. "Bafta make sure at least one of the nominees for best actress is a Dame. Dench, Smith, Jolie..."

The Best Actress nominees are as follows... Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl), Brie Larson (Room), Cate Blanchett (Carol), Maggie Smith (The Lady in the Van) and Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn).

21:03: And the Bafta goes to... Alejandro G Inárritu. "Thank you to the British Academy for this award, it's a true honour," he says. Last time he was at Bafta, Alejandro was considered a sure bet for Birdman but lost out to Boyhood's Richard Linklater in the director category.

He, of course, has a few words for Leo: "Your talent, your work, your commitment get this film breathing – without you it would not be possible." He also pays tribute to his crew and their endurance of the "extreme circumstances" during the shoot and apologises for butchering Domhnall Gleeson's name (he certainly does!).

21:01: Sir Sidney is a tough act to follow but Stanley Tucci – or as we like to call him, "the Tucc" – is up on stage now, celebrating the five directors up for a Bafta. In the running are Adam McKay (The Big Short), Todd Haynes (Carol), Steven Spielberg (Bridge of Spies), Ridley Scott (The Martian) and Alejandro G Inárritu (The Revenant).

20:52: Now it's Bafta Fellowship time with Sir Sidney Poitier in the spotlight for his staggering 60-year career. But first, we're treated to his best bits, introduced by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Noel Clarke and Lulu. Unfortunately due to ill health, Sidney can't be here tonight in person but presenting the prize to the actor and his daughter – also called Sydney – is Jamie Foxx who pays tribute to her father, but reveals his one flaw: he's a terrible dancer.

Sir Sidney himself had a few words for the audience, both in the Royal Opera House and at home:

"I hold a very special place in my heart for your great city. I've been honoured by her Royal Highness the Queen and have had the privilege of being recognised by Bafta for my previous work on a few occasions but today my cup runneth over because I'm here with my daughter and future filmmmakers of the world in celebration of this wonderful art form, moving pictures, that have brought me tremendous joy. To the wonderful and talented filmmakers I have worked with over the years, I thank you for being a part of bringing me to this moment. And to my family - my life force - I am nothing without you. And to all of you, thank you for your warm embrace and this extraordinary moment and memory I shall cherish always."

20:50: John Boyega has finally come clean on his Star Wars character Finn’s relationship with Oscar Isaac’s handsome Poe Dameron, speculated by many fans to be rather more romantic than it first appears (and we have the fan art to prove it).

Boyega told press that while he thought it was a bromance and was surprised by fan reaction, you never know with Star Wars – after all, we didn’t know Darth Vader was Luke’s father until the Empire Strikes Back! So watch this space…

20:47: "The first rule of the Riot Club is to go on to ruin the country, sorry, run the country.." That's how Stephen Fry introduces Riot Club stars Max Irons and Douglas Booth.

"In hindsight, it's a shame we had to cut the scene with the pig," jokes Irons, to a few 'oohs' from the audience. They're here to present best production design and the nominees are... Bridge of Spies, Carol, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It's another gong for Mad Max – their mantlepiece is going to start heaving soon – as Colin Gibson makes his way to the stage. "It could only be better if Rebel Wilson gave it to me," he sighs, before paying tribute to George Miller. (You get the sense Miller's team made a pact to mention their overlooked director as many times as possible...)

20:41: Carrie Fisher is dwarfed on stage by her Star Wars co-star Domhnall Gleeson to present best film in a foreign language, but she has the last laugh. "Can we get some subtitles here," she quips at the Irish actor. We don't think that laugh was genuine, Domhnall..

Now, for the nominees: The Assassin, Force Majeure, Theeb, Timbuktu and Wild Tales. Carrie goes to award the Bafta but forgets to open the envelope! Never mind, she gets there in the end – and the award goes to Wild Tales. Damian Szifron can't quite believe Princess Leia just handed him an award!

20:37 The winner is... Spotlight, nabbing its very first award of the evening. Could it go on to win the biggie, Best Film? Not long till we find out.

20:36: Kate Winslet has been discussing Titanic's door-gate in the winners press conference – it's been a hot topic this past week – but, according to Winslet, her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio (who famously froze to death after sacrificing his spot on the piece of wood) isn't interested. "He doesn't care about the door!" she told us.

But we care, Leo. We CARE. Rose was definitely being way too selfish with her personal space...

20:35: Cuba Gooding Jr strides out onto stage now to hand out the gong for original screenplay. "The last time I was on this stage a young man gave me a kiss," he jokes before handing over a red rose to Stephen Fry. We thought there might be a smooch, there.

Now for the nominees: Matthew Charman (Bridge of Spies), Alex Garland (Ex Machina), Quentin Tarantino (The Hateful Eight), Josh Cooley, Pete Docter and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out), and Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer (Spotlight).

20:33: "To all the actors who spend hours in their underwear in our fitting rooms, thank you." says Angels chairman Tim Angel as he accepts the award. "Thank you Bafta for such a wonderful 175th birthday present."

20:27: Now it's Cate Blanchett at the podium – are we allowed to give an award to that dress – to hand over the Bafta for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema to Angels Costumes. They've provided threads for the likes of Bond, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter – thousands of bespoke items for leads and extras alike. Might we suggest they try and nab Cate's costume for a future role?

20:24: And the Bafta goes to ... The Big Short! It's first award of the evening.

20:22: We're nearing the home straight now, and it's time for Best Adapted Screenplay and Angela Basset to present. The nominees are... Aaron Sorkin (Steve Jobs), Adam McKay and Charles Randolf (The Big Short), Nick Hornby (Brooklyn), Phylllis Nagy (Carol) and Emma Donoghue (Room). Who's it gonna be?

20:21: This year's Rising Star John Boyega has been backstage at the winners press conference. He reckons his trophy is going to look great atop the Millennium Falcon and hopes he doesn't have to look too miserable in his scenes for Episode VIII tomorrow morning. He's just too happy to act sad.

He also had some interesting thoughts on the #OscarsSoWhite debate. "It's an important conversation. People need to keep talking. I'm hoping this conversation is a positive. Things will start to change. I'm trying to work, no one is going to stop me."

20:19: Now we've reached the moment where we look back on the stars, filmmakers and critics who've left us this last year, starting with Alan Rickman who passed away just last month. Bafta play some lovely clips of him in Truly Madly Deeply and Harry Potter.

Also mentioned are Omar Sharif, David Bowie, Wes Craven, Saeed Jaffrey and Sir Christopher Lee.

20:15: It's Will Poulter and Dakota Johnson on stage next, delivering the prize for Outstanding Debut by a British writer, director or producer. Will it be Alex Garland, Debbie Tucker Green, Naji Abu Nowar and Rupert Lloyd, Sean McAllister and Elhum Shakerifar, or Stephen Fingleton?

It's Naji Abu Nowar and Rupert Lloyd heading up to the stage for Theeb. They've been working together since they were five years old in kindergarten. N'aww.

20:11: Nope, it's not meant to be for Sandy – it's Mad Max's Jenny Beaven. That brings the film's total up to three and she's also dedicated her silverware to director George Miller. "Thank you so much for taking me on, the bonnets and corset girl. I can't thank you enough for giving me this chance," she tells him.

But Stephen Fry has a sting in his tongue as Jenny walks off the stage, adding that only a great costume designer could come on stage dressed as a "bag lady".

20:09: Now it's back to the technical awards. Best costume design presented by Riz Ahmed and Olga Kurylenko – and it's between Brooklyn, Carol, Cinderella, The Danish Girl and Mad Max: Fury Road. Incidentally, both Carol and Cinderella are designed by Sandy Powell – we're going to hedge our bets and back her for this one.

20:07: It's Bafta favourite Kate Winslet who's headed up on stage to collect her prize. It's her third win at this ceremony – she's tasted victory before for Sense and Sensibility and The Reader. "It's been an extraordinary year for women and I feel so proud to stand alongside you. I really am quite overwhelmed," she tells the audience, before dedicating her gong to the real Joanna Hoffman and finishing with a message to her husband Ned: "Hi babe, Happy Valentine's Day."

20:03: Another biggie on its way: the award for Best Supporting Actress. And here to present it is Eddie Redmayne, last year's Best Actor winner – and a nominee again this year in the same category.

But first, let's talk actresses. Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Julie Walters, Kate Winslet and Rooney Mara are all vying for one of those shimmery Bafta masks.

20:02: And it is Inside Out! They're playing that delightfully plinky plonky music from inside Riley's head – Pete Docter's on stage to collect his prize and deliver a pretty inspiring speech: "For anyone out there who is struggling to figure things out in secondary school, it's ok to feel scared or angry or sad but please do us a favour and express yourself. Sing, write, draw - the world will be a better place for it."

20:01: Asif Kapadia has been discussing Amy backstage at the winners press conference and the media storm that surrounded her. "I doubt much will change, but if it could make a tiny difference to someone who is struggling with addiction or how it's reported on that would be a good thing. Stop people clicking on 'hot mess' click bait." The director says a lot of people have told him they feel guilty about the way Amy was reported on.

20:00: Now for best animated film – Eddie Izzard – fresh from his enthusiastic snog with Rebel Wilson. Will Inside Out triumph over Minions and Shaun the Sheep? Surely... surely...

19:59: No he can't. It goes to Mark Rylance who's performing on Broadway so Steven Spielberg (one helluva consolation prize) is here in his stead.

19:58: Will Idris claim the Bafta? He wasn't even nominated for an Oscar but he's hot favourite here. (And more importantly, can I make it three predictions out of three?)

19:54: Rebel Wilson is on stage next, really happy to be at this "really serious event".

She's killing it on stage with her introduction leaving the audience in fits of giggles: "I've never been invited to the Oscars because, as you know, they are racists, but the Baftas have diverse members and that's what we all want to see in life. Diverse members. One day I hope to return here to win a Bafta myself. I've already been practising my transgendered face."

She finishes with this: "Idris Elba you're making me nervous but I'm sociologically programmed to want chocolate on Valentine's Day."

We don't really know what to do with that – except to say, we're onto Best Supporting Actor. Will it be Benicio Del Toro, Idris Elba, Mark Ruffalo, Mark Rylance or Christian Bale?

19:52: Huzzah, Boyega it is. (Two out of two predictions – not that I'm feeling smug or anything...!) The Star Wars actor beams as he embraces Jack O'Connell on stage. "I want to thank God for this moment and a big thank you to Bafta for this amazing opportunity. Guys, I haven't been doing this for a long time. It's a fluke," he joked, before adding: "I'm going to share this award with all the young dreamers who are determined, hard working and quite frankly amazing. This is for you."

19:50: Last year's victor Jack O'Connell takes to the stage to find out who is shining brightest and gets to claim the blue (yes, blue!) Bafta! 2016's breakthrough actors and actresses are... Dakota Johnson, John Boyega, Taron Egerton, Bel Powley and Brie Larson. This is the only public-voted award of the evening. Who did we choose? My money's on Boyega.

19:48: It's time to find out who this year's Rising Star is. But first, take a look at the past winners and what they're up to now.

19:43: Now for special effects – Mad Max and Star Wars dominate these technical nominations – but will they win out over Ant-Man, Ex Machina and The Martian? Matt Smith and Emilia Clarke – two "sumptuous British stars", according to our esteemed host – are on stage to do the honours.

And... it's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, collecting their first piece of silverware this evening. Could it be the first of many?

19:40: And now for best sound – who will it be? Bridge of Spies, Mad Max, The Martian, The Revenant or Star Wars? The Revenant it is! That's two for Inarritu's epic flick. They've risked Fry's wrath by making four (albeit brief) speeches.

19:39: Julie Walters has been backstage in the winners press conference, discussing her role in the Brooklyn TV spin-off and the worrying misplacement of her earring on the way up to the stage. Apparently it's borrowed and worth more than her house! Oh dear, we hope you find it, Julie.

19:37: Sonoya Mizuno and Colin Morgan are next up on the stage, presenting the Bafta for editing. In fact they've "edited" their intro right down to a few words. Ho, ho, ho...

Nominees: The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian and The Revenant.

Winner: Mad Max: Fury Road. That's two already for George Miller's action flick. Winner Margaret Sixel dedicates her prize to director George Miller who was overlooked in the best director category.

19:31: British stars Blake Harrison and Gemma Chan are next up on stage to present British Short Film. Battling it out are Elephant, Mining Poems or Odes, Operator, Over and Samuel-613. And the award goes to Operator starring Kate Dickie and Vicky McClure. We've speedily moved on to British Short Animation (we're rattling through these at breakneck speed!) and it's Edmond which triumphs over Manoman and Prologue.

19:29: Now it's time for Original Music – Star Wars, Sicario, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight and Bridge of Spies are all battling it out for this one. Ennio Morricone takes the prize for The Hateful Eight, although he's away in Dublin conducting a concert so can't take to the stage.

19:26: YES! At least I can say I got one successful prediction this evening. The Bafta goes to... Amy! Asif Kapadia makes his way up to the stage with James Gay-Rees.

"It was a pretty difficult film to make but in the end it was all about Amy," says Kapadia. "We all fell in love with her when we were making the film. Our aim was to tell the world what an amazing person she was."

19:25: Now Adewale Akinnuoye-Adbaje (try spelling that at speed!) and Laura Haddock. "This appears to be a running theme, this interracial dating tonight," jokes Akinnuoye-Adbaje. They're presenting the Baftas for documentary and original music.

The former has to go to Asif Kapadia's Amy, right? It's up against Cartel Land, He Named Me Malala, Listen to Me Marlon and Sherpa.

19:20: Now Annabelle Wallis and a moustachioed Tom Hughes are up on stage to present two gongs – the first for make-up and hair, won by Mad Max's Lesley Vanderwalt and Damian Martin. Mad Max missed out on nods in all the major acting shortlists but this could be the first step to them cleaning up in the technical categories.

Now for cinematography – it's between Bridge of Spies, Carol, Mad Max, The Revenant and Sicario.

And the Bafta goes to... The Revenant, also claiming its first award of the evening.

19:19: "If every film that wins an award has quite so many speeches, well..." quips Fry.

Brooklyn had four. Nominees,you've been warned.

19:15: And the Bafta goes to: Brooklyn. Saoirse Ronan, Julie Walters, Domnhnall Gleeson and co are all up on stage to accept the first prize of the evening. It's got another five nominations – can the British film convert even more into silverware?

19:14: 45 Years, Amy, Brooklyn, The Danish Girl, Ex Machina and The Lobster – which will it be?

19:12: David Bowie provides the musical accompaniment for a lovely montage of this past year in film. "The world is a far more monochrome place without his colour and vitality," says Fry. And now for Outstanding British Film... To present, "two huge film stars on a blind date": Kate Winslet and Idris Elba.

19:10: Want a glimpse of that awkward Michael Fassbender/Alicia Vikander moment? (And trust us, it was awkward).

Absolutely no kissing going on there.

19:09: Stephen goes on to single out Dame Maggie in his opening speech: "If she were any more of an institution, she'd have railings around her."

19:03: "Of the wonderful things America has given the world is the giant foam finger, leaf blowers, creationism, syrup on bacon – but also the kiss cam."

We think we see where this is going...

First up, famously shy lovebirds Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander – will they kiss? This is awkward. No they won't... Stanley Tucci and Cuba Gooding Jr are much more game. Maggie Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio share a kiss, too. "A marriage made in heaven, in the words of Stephen Fry.

And Julianne Moore and Bryan Cranston go for a full on smooch – as do Eddie Izzard and Rebel Wilson. Wow, just wow.

19:01: The fact it's Valentine's Day hasn't escaped Stephen Fry's notice. "Love abounds this year in film, love between two women, love between Jobs and Apple, and in Matt Damon's case, love between man and potato."

19:00: It's started... Stephen Fry is on the stage, looking resplendent in his velvet green tux. He's clearly been taking some style tips from Eddie.

18:54: We're back! And things are about to get hectic. First up, Outstanding British Film – a six-way race between 45 Years, Amy, Brooklyn, The Danish Girl, Ex Machina and The Lobster. The winner will be announced in just a few moments....

18:41: Right, folks. The last stars are trickling inside the Royal Opera House to take their seats. Our coverage of the ceremony itself will begin shortly. But first, I'm going to grab a bite to eat – and give my typing fingers a wee rest. Back in a minute...

18:40: Huw managed to grab a few moments with last year's Best Actor winner Eddie Redmayne before he was rushed inside.

18:37: If dresses were up for awards tonight, we'd be tipping Julianne Moore's for a big win.


18:34: Tonight is a reunion of Titanic proportions.

18:32: Idris Elba is here and he's feeling all romantic: "It's Valentine's night, there's love in the air..."

Although he the Beasts of No Nation star and Best Supporting Actor nominee wouldn't be drawn on his role in Star Trek: "Star Trek? Who's in Star Trek. I've done it, I can't wait for people to see it."

18:28: Stanley Tucci – who we're going to fondly refer to as "the Tucc" – is on the red carpet singing the praises of his film Spotlight. "You want to be as truthful as possible to the story, to the characters, and the more truthful you are, the better the film and the more people will see it."

He'll be setting his alarm bright and early for a 6am start to begin his new project with Geoffrey Rush playing Alberto Giacometti. No partying for "the Tucc", then...

18:27: With mere minutes to go before the stars have to be inside, Rising Star nominee Dakota Johnson is making a beeline for her seat. Not a shade of grey in sight...

18:24: Rooney's on the red carpet. The Bafta-nominated actress, guys, not the Man Utd star. Although we'd love to see the latter rubbing shoulders with Leo...

18:21: Huw's managed to nab Rising Star nominee Taron Egerton for a few words on the red carpet. He's up against Bel Powley, Dakota Johnson, John Boyega and Brie Larson for the prestigious gong – past winners have included the likes of Tom Hardy, James McAvoy, Eva Green and last year's victor Jack O'Connell.

18:15: Lovely Eddie Redmayne is just happy to be at the party, never mind having the chance to pick up two Baftas in a row. "There's still an adrenaline buzz and an excitement that comes. You give your everything and hope people enjoy it so when you get to these things you hope people have seen the films."

Now, Eddie is *almost* as well known for his colourful dress sense as his award-winning acting but tonight he's in a traditional black tux. We're actually missing this snazzy turquoise number...


18:14: Some interesting news coming from the Baftas red carpet. Aaron Sorkin – the brains behind The West Wing and nominated tonight for best adapted screenplay – has written a new movie and this time he'll be directing it. We can't wait to see what he comes up with...

18:13: Leonardo DiCaprio is on the carpet. We repeat: Leo. Is. Here.

18:12: Where else can you get coverage of the Baftas and Breaking Bad puns. Only here, folks.

18:08: Ready to feel distinctly unglamorous? Take a look at some of the jaw-dropping gowns on display this star-studded evening...


18:05: What do you call a freezing cold celeb? A starcicle. (© Huw Fullerton)

18:00: We've just spied Jack Whitehall on the Baftas red carpet? Perhaps he's already on his mission to snag Alejandro Inarritu as the director of Bad Education 2...

17:55: Kate Winslet says she got all "mother hen" on the set of Steve Jobs when it came to Michael Fassbender: "I felt I really had to look after him because he was so immersed and focused on the role. I'd watch him get thinner and thinner so I'd try and push chips in front of him and organise weekends away."

The best supporting actress nominee is also in awe of how terrifying she managed to be while filming Triple 9 with a six-month-old son. "How did I manage to be that terrifying and breast feed at the same time?"

What a woman.

17:52: Steven Spielberg is in the building. The director has been nominated a whopping 13 times at the Baftas – winning twice in 1994 for Schindler's List. His latest effort Bridge of Spies stars Mark Rylance – "a force of nature and a beautiful person," according to S-Berg, and nominated tonight for best supporting actor.

17:50: John Boyega and Matt Smith are on a mission to get inside into the warmth.

17:45: Cate Blanchett! (Blink and you'll miss her...)

17:42: Matt Smith is being interviewed by Zoe Ball. He's a big fan of Brie Larson, Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander and Mr Leonardo DiCaprio. "The Revenant was a brilliant film – I'd love him to win the Oscar." We're at the Baftas, Matt. The BAFTAS.

17:37: Did someone call a Doctor? We've just spotted Matt Smith on the red carpet. His former Doctor Who co-star Jenna Coleman is currently filming Victoria with Tom Hughes and his facial furniture...

17:34: The red carpet is starting to look seriously star-studded – you can watch all the action right here...

17:32: Here are just some of the famous attendees due to make their way into the Royal Opera House in the next hour:

Aaron Sorkin, Adam McKay, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Alex Garland, Alicia Vikander, Asif Kapadia, Bel Powley, Benicio Del Toro, Bryan Cranston, Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Dakota Johnson, Eddie Redmayne, Idris Elba, John Boyega, Julie Walters, Hou Hsiao-Hsien,Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Maggie Smith, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender, Rooney Mara, Saoirse Ronan, Steven Spielberg, Taron Egerton, Todd Haynes and Tom Hooper.

17:29: What happens when you mix celebs in skimpy dresses with freezing London temperatures? Lots of fast walking to get inside...

17:26: We may be on the red carpet but we're a little too far down to make out just who is the source of all the screaming...

17:21: If The Revenant's Alejandro Iñárritu is short of a job, he's always got an offer from Jack Whitehall. Perhaps Bad Education 2 could see Alfie Wickers take his form into the American wilderness to fight bears?

17:16: Has superstardom changed Rising Star nominee John Boyega? In a word: no. "I went to Waitrose this morning and bought a Belgian bun and no one bothered me."

Still, he'll be sucked back into the Star Wars universe tomorrow when he begins filming Episode VIII – and we'll wager he'll be tucked up in bed pretty early. His pick-up time is at 6am!

17:14: Double-nominated Alicia Vikander is being interviewed on the red carpet by Zoe Ball – she's currently filming the latest instalment in the Jason Bourne saga opposite returning star Matt Damon. "I've found myself on set now several times, being a bit of a fan," she tells Zoe Ball. "We're just finishing up in London right now."

17:08: As the stars begin to appear on the red carpet, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane to see who attended the Baftas ten years ago. How young do Jake Gyllenhaal, Rupert Grint and James McAvoy look??


17:02: Here's a sneak peek inside the ROH auditorium, courtesy of Stephen Fry. He'll be hosting the Baftas ceremony for the eleventh time,

16:58: I'm not even kidding.

16:46: Obviously the number one source for all Bafta updates is right here – you've done all the hard work just by landing on this page – but if you wanted to watch the awards themselves, there's coverage of the red carpet on BBC3 from 8:30pm (hosted by new Robot Wars presenter Angela Scanlon) and a broadcast of the ceremony itself from 9pm on BBC1.

16:40: It is worth noting that Bafta is a step ahead of its Hollywood cousin, the Oscars, when it comes to diversity. The Academy failed to nominated a single black actor in all four major acting categories, while here in Britain Idris Elba is recognised on the shortlist for Beasts of No Nation and John Boyega is up for Rising Star. Still, there's a long way to go – and, according to chief executive Amanda Berry, Bafta has plans to reform its membership in the coming year in a bid to make its awards more representative.

16:38: Diversity – or lack of – is a hot topic this awards season and tonight's Baftas will be home to a peaceful protest led by actor and director Leon Herbert, founder of Creatives of Colour Network. The protest itself is supported by Bafta chief executive Amanda Berry (who this week called for more diversity in film) and asks for a diversity quota to be established.

My name's Susanna and I'll be live blogging from inside the (substantially warmer!) Royal Opera House.


16:29: Good afternoon, film fans. The sun is shining, the stars are on their way and's Huw Fullerton is on the red carpet ready to nab the famous faces heading inside London's Royal Opera House. For the next few hours, we'll be your one-stop shop for live coverage of Britain's most prestigious film awards. Don't go anywhere.


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