Are Rey’s parents actually revealed in Star Wars: The Force Awakens after all?

Apparently we've all been a bit slow to work things out, according to star Daisy Ridley


Who are Rey’s parents? It’s the question that has spawned a thousand fan theories and kept Star Wars fans up at night, but Daisy Ridley seems to be surprised that we haven’t all worked it out yet. 


Ridley has already promised that in Episode VIII, due next year, we will learn a lot more about scavenger and Resistance fighter Rey and how she came to be living solo on the planet of Jakku. 

But asked if it would feel good to finally reveal Rey’s secrets, the actress told Time Out: “I thought a lot was answered in The Force Awakens.

“Then after the screening I went for a drink with my agent and everyone, and we were chatting away and I realised that oh, in their minds it’s not answered at all!”


Huh – what did we miss?

But Ridley doesn’t mind her fans’ curiosity.

“I think curiosity is a wonderful thing,” she said. “And I do find it quite funny that people keep asking about it.

“Just yesterday a guy asked to take a picture with me, and went ‘Is Luke your Dad?’ And I was like, ‘chill out, you’ll see!'”

However, finding out more about Rey’s backstory will not tie up all those loose ends. We’ll have to wait for Episode IX for that.


“With answers come more questions,” Ridley teased. “And there’s definitely going to be enough to keep people going for another two years!”