The First Order may have constructed a planet-sized superweapon in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but fellow galactic empire Disney could quickly be following in their building footsteps as it begins work on Disneyland’s own “Star Wars land” next month.

While it's not yet known whether a Death Star/Starkiller base will feature (fingers crossed), there's certainly space for a pretty good-sized scale replica in the 14-acre theme park and we already know attractions will include a Millennium Falcon that YOU GET TO FLY (eep!).

Either way, the Star Wars zone is set to become an extremely hot ticket for the California-based theme park, with a similar expansion planned for Florida’s second Disney resort at a later date.


An early artist's impression of Star Wars land

Speaking to shareholders, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that construction will start this April, adding that original plans for the expansion have been “tweaked”.

"I wouldn't focus on what was in an earlier design plan," he said. "What we are building will be great."