Knives Out director Rian Johnson says Apple won’t let villains use iPhones

The Knives Out and Star Wars director let slip a Hollywood secret

Rian Johnson

Apple does not allow movie villains to use iPhones on camera, according to director Rian Johnson.


He was speaking to Vanity Fair about a scene in his acclaimed murder mystery film Knives Out when he disclosed the juicy piece of trivia.

The scene in question featured both an innocent character and the guilty party, which is how he got onto the topic.

“I don’t know if I should say this or not, not because it’s lascivious or something, but because it’s gonna screw me on the next mystery movie that I write,” he said.

“But forget it, I’ll say it, it’s very interesting. Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies but, and this is very pivotal, if you’re ever watching a mystery movie, bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera.”

Knives Out hit cinemas in November 2019, following a narcissistic rich family who are whipped into a panic following the apparent murder of their wealthy patriarch.

The star-studded cast assembled for the film includes Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon and Toni Collette.

Johnson joked: “Every single filmmaker who has a bad guy in their movie that’s supposed to be a secret wants to murder me right now.”


He’ll have to be wary of his own tech choices in the script for the Knives Out sequel, which will see Craig return as detective Benoit Blanc to investigate another crime.