An Enchanted sequel is definitely happening

Amy Adams will be starring in ten-years-on follow-up 'Disenchanted'


Disney fans rejoice – the long-talked-about sequel to Enchanted is officially happening.


Amy Adams is set to return as Giselle, the animated princess who accidentally found herself catapulted into the live action world.

In the first film, Giselle wound up marrying New York lawyer Robert. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the follow-up – cunningly titled Disenchanted – is set ten years on, with Giselle becoming disillusioned about her happily ever after, and triggering events that cause chaos both in the ‘real’ world and her animated kingdom of Andalasia.

The news is a long time coming, as Disney has reportedly been developing a sequel since 2010.


Hairspray director Adam Shankman is apparently in talks to direct, and filming is expected to start next summer.