Adam Driver and JJ Abrams explain how Kylo Ren was turned to the Dark Side

And the answer is just as angsty as Emo Kylo Ren himself


One of the biggest questions on everyone’s lips after watching The Force Awakens was how on earth Supreme Leader Snoke managed to turn Han Solo and General Leia’s son Ben Solo to the Dark Side.


Did something happen to the boy while training with his uncle Luke? Was he tricked into it like his grandfather Anakin before him?

Well, no. It seems that it was almost all Han and Leia’s fault. At least according to JJ Abrams and Adam Driver anyway.

“There’s nothing more powerful than genetics. If you really imagine the stakes of him in his youth, having all these special powers and having your parents be absent during that process on their own agendas, equally as selfish,” explains Driver.

“He’s lost in the world that he was raised in and feels that he was kind of abandoned by the people he was closest with.”

And Abrams adds fuel to the ‘bad parenting’ fire by explaining that Han and Leia simply weren’t there enough to guide a boy with a target on his head, leaving him open to manipulation from the Force Awakens’ big bad.


We think that’s an explanation Emo Kylo ‘OHMYGOD mom and dad you just don’t get me’ Ren would be totally satisfied with.