A World War Z sequel looks likely – but what would it be called?

Brad Pitt's zombie spectacular has done so well at the box office Paramount Pictures is eyeing a sequel...

It looks like Brad Pitt’s new zombie flick, which has unexpectedly stormed the box office, is set to get a sequel.


World War Z follows former UN employee Gerry Lane (Pitt) and his family. When the world becomes overrun with zombies, former Gerry sets off across the world to determine the cause of the outbreak and investigate a potential cure…

Based on Max Brooks’ novel, World War Z was originally intended to be a trilogy, but mounting production costs and problems with the script halted plans. Now it seems Pitt’s zombies might be coming back to life after all… but what would the sequel be called?

We already know World War Z doesn’t quite translate into our British tongue. (Try saying ‘z’ in an American accent. It makes a whole lot more sense now doesn’t it?!) So the next film’s title needs to have a lot of thought put into it. Luckily RadioTimes.com have already put in a bit of leg work…

World War Z 2. Unimaginative, but you get what’s written on the tin/promotional poster.

World War More. Fairly simple. You liked the first film, so here you go: more.

World War Four. It’s the number that comes after three. We say it the same here and in America. There will be no confusion.

World War Paw. Humans turning into zombies? Old news. What would happen if all our pets suddenly climbed back out of their shallow graves in the back garden? Imagine the gnashing of teeth at the cat flap. Creepy.

World War Shore. Forget Brad Pitt. The big Hollywood actor might not fancy returning to the franchise. But you can be sure who will… the fame-hungry cast of Jersey/Geordie Shore. Those nights out will get a whole lot messier when the undead get involved.

World War Door. A group of perky children find a magical wardrobe in an old English country house. But when they venture into the land behind the door, they get a lot more than they bargained for.

World War Bore. One for film fans who think all this zombie nonsense is getting a bit old. Probably wouldn’t go down very well at the box office.


What do you think? Do you have any better suggestions (we’re sure you do!)? Tell us in the comment box below.